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When you need quality and value, shoot for the moon and hire Rocketscout. Our dynamic team of professional talent acquisition experts seamlessly fits into your business and will get results fast.

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Our approach to hiring

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Just like every candidate is different, every company is different. We will work with you to understand your needs.

Attract the best talent

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Your Partner will use their expertise in sourcing to uncover and attract the best talent using innovative approaches and will guide your candidates through an exceptional candidate journey.

Best practice

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Your Partner will not just administrate the process of hiring, but will be there to guide you on how to make great hiring decisions for your teams.

Full service

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Your Partner will guide, advise and support you every step of the way. Whether that means working with you to set up the foundations of your talent function or creating sourcing strategies to fit your company's stage, size and growth goals.

Best in class

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Your dedicated Partner will have at their disposal a large network of Talent Professionals to leverage when working with you to set best practice when hiring for you.

Our added value

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We understand that each company has hiring managers and leaders at varying levels of experience with recruiting. Beyond hiring, our team is trained to provide:

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Interview training

If you have new hiring managers or interviewers, we can put together and deliver interview training covering all the basics of interviewing.

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Guidance on unconscious bias

We want to ensure that you hire the best person for the job, so we work with managers and interviewers to help them identify their own unconscious biases so they can make better hiring decisions.

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Onboarding best practice

The journey doesn't stop when candidates accept the offer and we’ll be there every step of the way and help your hiring managers benefit from the strong relationships we have built with the new hires.

Talent acquisition

Data Driven

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Our recruiters are trained to look at the data to inform decisions on sourcing and hiring strategies. We don't just do what feels right, we listen to the numbers too.

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Meet our success stories

I have worked with Rocketscout in 2 different companies and both times I have been impressed and inspired by their pragmatic, calm, and "nothing is impossible" approach to things. They are true professionals with deep knowledge of all things Talent Acquisition and a commitment to bringing value to everything they do.

Raquel Inacio
Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Working with rocket scout is so easy. They came in, hit the ground running and showed results very quickly. Their recruitment service was easy to dial up and down which worked perfectly for us. Working together with Rocketscout we cut our hiring costs and reduced our time to fill roles.   They are knowledgable, passionate about hiring people and pretty darn good at it!  Highly recommended.

Nicola Moretti
Chief People Officer

Working with Rocketscout has definitely been a game changer for my company. Our hiring managers are very happy with the great level of service and fantastic results. I personally appreciate very much the great knowledge and support provided from stage 0 (planning, strategy) and throughout the hiring process. I can only say a big thanks!

Carla S.
Head of People & Culture

Their collaborative & consultative style puts them apart from others. Their ability to move such a high volume of processes along in such complex business environments is a true art form! I could not recommend them more highly and look forward to continue working with them over the years.

Tom Orr
Principal - Strategy & Corporate Development
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